Our Approach

As part of our commitment to making our clients’ experiences positive and productive, we adhere to a four-tiered project management and quality assurance management model: Project Planning, Project Monitoring and Control, Communication and Report Management, and Quality Assurance Management.

Project Planning
Our planning includes a project kickoff meeting with team members where we outline and validate project parameters and objectives. VC provides regulatory approaches and tools that describe practices in planning and oversight of the objectives, scope of work, budget, project schedule, and other details. Project plans are primarily output oriented and concerned with deciding in advance what, when, how, and who will take the necessary actions to accomplish established objectives.

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Project Monitoring and Control
To ensure delivery, profitability, and the overall success of your project, VC identifies and assesses risks early on and continues to define mitigation strategies throughout the duration of the project. By identifying and prioritizing risks, we can implement actions to avoid or reduce adverse effects. VC understands that the process of monitoring and controlling project work is fundamental to completing the project on-time, within scope and cost.

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Communication and Report Management
Maintaining clear and consistent communication with our clients and stakeholders is critical to project success at every stage. From tailoring a clear message, to managing communication channels, our reporting and communication approach ensures your project stays on track.

We establish an accountability framework that keeps you informed and involved via regular briefings and status reports to ensure the project’s success. Our approach defines the expected types of communication (email, face to face meetings, etc), the frequency (daily, weekly, etc.) and the responsible parties who will circulate the information.

Quality Assurance Management
VC has implemented a quality management system that includes policies, procedures, qualitative metrics, and a quality management plan that ensures consistency across our organization and consists of the creation of reliable deliverables. Regular program/project audits by our Quality Management Team identify process improvement opportunities from program/project initiation through close-out.