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Our Corporate Culture

Our corporate culture is best described as non-traditional.  Our CEO, Frederick Deese, is dedicated to hiring employees who impress him as having the core attributes needed for the job, who speak to him at a gut level in terms of personality and compatibility, and who are hungry for a challenge. 

This approach does not necessarily translate into hiring the person with the most experience within a particular job area or within a defined market segment.  Hence, many of our employees bring experience from outside our core industry—providing a “fresh and innovative” way of making VC successful. While we are at our core an IT Services and Health IT consulting firm, some of our corporate employees have originated from such varied industries as education, media, and insurance and are now working in areas of our company including marketing, proposal writing, and business development.  

There are, however, positions with our current federal contracts that require very specific niche experience—and competition for these types of employees can be fierce.  Because of our competitive employee benefits, we have been able to attract highly qualified personnel, which has attributed to our success as a company.

Our CEO hires, nurtures, and cultivates employees to find their most meaningful path within the company.  He truly enjoys hand-picking an employee and helping to shape him or her to serve in our unique industry.

Visual Connections has a strong philanthropic culture led by our CEO. Fred and the VC staff are believers in giving back to the community and participate in numerous community outreach efforts.

Visual Connections has sponsored company events that revolve around having fun and team building.  Quarterly employee appreciation events have included such things as nights at  Baltimore Orioles games, crab feeds, in-office parties and luncheons and yearly off-site retreats.  

Our culture facilitates social interaction, teamwork and open communication.